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    Mobile Application Development Services

    Our team has over a decade of experience in mobile application development. This includes everything from healthcare to energy and retail.A team of mobile app developers that can dig into your business ecosystem is what you need. Can you explore the market to understand your requirements, capabilities and needs? Who can create a custom strategy for you and unlock the potential of mobile technology.

    This is the essence of custom mobile application development. We take the time to get to know you and adapt our app development services to meet your needs.

    Native Mobile App Development

    Native apps are named so because they can be used on specific platforms such as iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Native app development follows different guidelines for each platform. Apps can access all features and services provided by the device and operating system such as push notifications, camera, local DB, geolocation and push notifications.

    Our mobile app developers can create native apps for Android and iOS systems that meet your security and business requirements.

    Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile Applications are designed for multiple mobile platforms and offer functionality similar to native mobile apps.Cross-platform app development, as the name implies, involves creating mobile apps that can be used on many operating systems and run smoothly on all platforms.

    A cross-platform mobile application is essential for start-ups and early-stage ventures. Businesses can make sure their software is accessible on every platform by creating an app that can be used across all platforms.

    This allows them to create more secure, faster and better-quality software that users can use for a seamless experience.

    Webika Solutions understands the importance of cross-platform apps from both a technical and business perspective. Our customers are guided through every step of the app development process. This includes guidance on which platform to use and what development approach to choose.

    Progressive Web App Development

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), are being recognized as the future in a vast field, i.e. mobile apps. Our software company has the ability to harness the power of modern technology to provide an exceptional user experience for our end-users. After years of hard work, we have created a team of experts who have been able to create web apps that have significantly increased engagement and conversion rates. We are able to integrate the mobile and web app experiences into progressive web apps thanks to our strategic work schedule, as well as the artistic team of PWA designers and developers.

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    Great service with dedicated team serving since the start of Computer Age with Best and affordable packages
    Maryam Chuhan
    My website designed by Webika Solutions, they have done an excellent job of designing exactly what I required.
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    Excellent, working with Webika was great. Thanks to their knowledge and determination, my website looks great!
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    This is the 2nd time I've used Webika Solutions. Both times the experience has been terrific! Very hard to decide on the logos because all are so good.
    Aleeza Fatima
    My experience with Webika Solutions has been really awesome not once but multiple times. They always deliver best.
    Zahra Khan